Lug-A-Mug and Lug-A-Jug

Reusing is Better then Recycling
  • Fill up your mug with drip coffee on campus and a variety of coffee drinks at off campus participants and pay only the price of the small.

  • Fill up your mug with any fountain drink and only pay the price of a small drink (excluding Einstein's on campus)

    The Auburn University Lug-a-Mug program offers travel mugs for sale at discounted prices. The holder of a mug receives a discount on fountain drinks and coffee drinks purchased on campus and at participating merchants off campus (Bizilia's Cafe, Cambridge Coffee, Taylor's Bakery, and Toomer's Coffee).

    Lug-A-Mugs can be purchased for $7.00 (incl. tax) at the Library coffee shop (Stacks), the Haley Center coffee shop located on the first floor, Dudley Hall (the Drawing Board), and the Foy Student Union (War Eagle Food Court.

    The goal of the Lug-A-Mug program is to encourage people to go beyond recycling to waste reduction. The average Auburn student uses an estimated 800 disposable cups per year.

    Paper cups not only waste trees, but their manufacturing dumps into the environment a number of harmful chemicals. These disposable cups have only one place to go...the landfill. While plastic can sometimes be recycled, paper coffee cups are commonly wax-coated reducing their biodegradability and making recycling difficult. By reducing the number of these coffee cups used on Auburn University's campus, we can reduce both the manufacturing and disposal waste.

    If everyone at Auburn University used a refillable mug once a day we would save thousands of disposable cups a day; millions per year!