Guest Speakers and Campus Conversations

Green Lunch brown bag
Campus Conversation - Wednesday, April 18th, 4:30pm-5:30pm, Dudley B6.

The Office of Sustainability presents:

Dr. Shirley Laska from The University of New Orleans.

Fall 2011 and Spring 2012





Student Center, 2222

Feb. 22


Campus Converstaion: "Waste Less, Recycle More"

Lowder, 125A

Jan. 30


Speaker: Eban Goodstein: "Leadership, Careers, and Sustainability"

Student Center, 2222

Sept. 28


Campus Conversation: "I believe in Auburn and love it": Exploring what this looks like in action.

Student Center, 2223

Aug. 31


Campus Conversation: "Sustainability and YOU"

Some Green Lunches are now available on-line as a recorded webcast here.

Past Guest Speakers

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

  • Scott Kubiszyn from Natures Tap - "Water Collection Systems".

  • Dr. Conner Bailey, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Auburn University- "Faustian Bargians: Oil and Gulf Coast Communities ."

  • Mr. Kevin Smith, Associate Director of the Tyson Research Center at Washington University in St. Louis - "The Next Shade of Green: Building and Operating a Zero-Net-Energy "Living Building" .

  • Dr. Eve Brantley, Agronomy and Soils, Auburn University - "The Oil Spill and Raising Water Quality Awareness".

Spring 2010

  • John T. Ackerman, Assistant Professor of National and International Security Studies, Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB. "Climate Change, National Security, and the Quadrennial Defense Review: Avoiding the Perfect Storm."

  • Dr. Wayde Morse, Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University "Travel to Learn: Watershed Services in Cost Rica."

  • Dr. Art Chappelka, Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University and Dr. Gary Keever, Horticulture Dept., and Landscape Services, Auburn University "Landscape practices at Auburn and the campus tree inventory."

  • Professor Michael Hein, McWhorter School of Building Science "Lessons Cast in Pervious Concrete."

Fall 2009

  • Dr. Carlos Morera Beita, National University of Costa Rica. "The Relationship Between Protected Areas, Local Development and Conservation in Costa Rica." James Lowery, "Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment."

  • Dr. Chris Newland, Dept. Psychology, Auburn University."Cleaning the Air Has Made Us Smarter, Less Likely to Kill Each Other, and May Improve Mental Health."

  • Mike Kensler, Water Resource Center, NRMDI, Auburn University."Cultivating Sustainable Communities: How to Ignite and Spread a Commitment to Sustainability."

  • Local food panel discussion: Producer Zach Randle of Randle Farms; Producer Gary Weil of Red Root; Chef David Bancroft of Amsterdam Café; John Hamme, Executive Chef, Ariccia, Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center; Dr. Michelle Worosz, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology.

Spring 2009

  • Norbert Lechner, Professor Emeritus, College of Architecture, Design and Construction, "Building Sustainably."

  • Matt Williams, Program Manager and Lindy Biggs, Director of Office of Sustainability, "Sustainability and Auburn University."

  • Douglas Casson Coutts, Distinguished Visiting Faculty and Special Advisor on Child Hunger, UN World Food Program, "World Hunger and Sustainable Development."

  • Kirk Iversen, Auburn University, Dept. of Agronomy and Soils, "Sustainable Agriculture."

Fall 2008

  • Adam Snyder, Conservation Alabama, "Conservation Lobbying in Alabama."

  • Jerrod Windham, Industrial Design, "Designing Sustainably."

  • Dr. Conner Bailey, Rural Sociology, "Rednecks, Radicals, and Cautious Souls: Multiple Voices of Alabama's Environmental Movement."

  • Dr. Gwyn Thomas, Polymer and Fiber Engineering, "Recycling Myths and Facts: Melting the Plastic Curtain."

Fall 2007

  • Prof. Charlene LeBleu, Landscape Architecture Program, School of Architecture, "Low Impact Development."

  • Dr. Claire Crutchley, Department of Finance, "Sustainable Business."

  • Dr. Kevin Fielman, Department of Biological Sciences, "Green Genes."

  • Dr. Graeme Lockaby, Director AU Water Resources Center and Center for Forest Sustainability, "Healthy Forests = Clean Water."

  • Dr. Sushil Bhavnani , Department of Mechanical Engineering, "Solar Energy Projects at Auburn."