Alabama Clean Streams

Watershed Awareness and Stormwater Pollution Prevention

In cooperation with the City of Auburn, the Sustainability Initiative has created this educational program to raise awareness of watersheds in the state, within our cities, and the problems they face from everyday activities that we all engage in.

The program will be presented to all the 4th grade students in the city public schools. At the end of the two week program, students from each school will have the chance to create a design that will be used to mark stormdrains in Auburn for the next 15-25 years.

We are making the materials that we have modified or created available to other educators for their use. You will find detailed summaries of the program and can download materials using the links below.


Drain Marker

Examples of the storm drain markers that students desgined for production. Each of the four main creek drainages in Auburn has a unique design selected from the student entries.

Summary of Project [PDF]


Outline of Curriculum [PDF]




Activity 2: Map of Alabama without watersheds (print on 36 inch wide paper as background for puzzle; Courtesy of Alabama Water Watch)

Map of Alabama with watersheds (print on 36 inch wide paper and cut out for puzzle pieces; Courtesy of Alabama Water Watch)

Activity 3: Map of Auburn's Creek Watersheds [PDF] (created by Auburn City Water Resource Management Department)


Activity 2: Life in a Fish bowl [PDF] (from US EPA)

Activity 3: What's wrong with this picture [PDF] (modified from US EPA)

Take home scavenger hunt and Brochure for parents [PDF]

Template for marker design competition [PDF]

Examples of markers from the manufacturing company