Webcasts and Online Lectures

Green Lunch Webcasts

Thank you to the Auburn University concessions board for making these webcasts possible.

"Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: A Non-Technical Overview," by James Lowery

This presentation was recorded at the Green Lunch, Auburn University, on August 26, 2009. James Lowery is a board member of Alabama Rivers Alliance and Alabama Water Watch Association.

Editing by Corey Farmer. Running time, 52 minutes.

Auburn Student-Made Videos

Dirty Globalization

Here is a list of lectures presented through the TED talk series that address sustainability issues.

Janine Benyus - Biomimicry

Mark Bittman - animals and food

Amory Lovins - winning the oil endgame

Alex steffen - inspired ideas for sustainable future

E.O Wilson - saving life on earth

Edward Burtynsky - manufactured landscapes

Majora Carter - Greening the ghetto

Al gore - new thinking on climate (apr 08)

Robin Chase - zipcar and other big ideas

John Doerr - salvation and profit in greentech