Sustainability Interns, 2009-2010


"It was not until coming to Auburn that the term sustainability entered my vocabulary. Working as a computer technician throughout high school, I came to Auburn hoping to delve deeper into the world of digital electronics by pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. As I became more aware of trends in climate change I gained a sense of dissonance between the lifestyle that my family and I had lived in Germany and the lifestyle that we adopted after moving to Alabama. Soon my concern about humanity's impact on our planet and the fate of global citizens both rich and poor was synthesized with my interest in technology -- developing into a personal mission of using appropriate technology to tackle humanity's growing ecological, economic and political problems. I have been able to carry out parts of this mission as an intern of Auburn's Office of Sustainability and by serving as captain of Auburn's solar car team. In my spare time I enjoy photography, cycling and writing."


Emily Vollers is a junior from Madison, AL, majoring in International Business, with concentrations in French and Economics. Her interest in sustainability began in 2006 when she returned from a year of studying abroad in Denmark. She realized how Danes, as a whole, better employ sustainable practices in their daily lives than Americans do. Her interest in sustainability lies in discovering and promoting ways that individuals and businesses alike can lessen their impact on the environment.


Christi Talbert is a senior from Gadsden, AL majoring in Nutrition/Dietetics. She first became aware of global sustainability concerns her freshman year and has since become increasingly drawn to efforts seeking to tread more lightly on the earth. Sustainable agriculture, the faith community’s response to climate change, and practical ways students and families can positively impact the environment are her main interests in sustainability. Christi loves music, photography, dancing, cooking, and learning.


"I am a 3rd Year Building Science student from Montgomery, Alabama. I grew up in an efficient family: Waste not want not. Due to this, I developed a fondness for energy and resource efficiency. Sustainability is something that was always an interest of mine, but something only the new eco-friendly political jargon has given a name and face to. I believe that sustainability needs to be a way of life and a mindset. Construction is the leading producer of waste. My goal is to be a “green” leader in the construction industry because if we begin by building sustainable structures it will lead people to greener habits. My hobbies are sports, traveling, anything outdoors, reading, animals-I pretty much like it all!"


Linsey Grace is a senior Interior Design major from Daphne, AL. She is working on a minor in Sustainability and has worked closely with AU Historic Preservation Guild. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career in the commercial interior design field, specializing in adaptive reuse and restoration.


Kate Simpson is a senior, from Auburn, Alabama, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Wireless Hardware Engineering. Kate's main interest is in the energy field, and would like attend graduate school for sustainable engineering. In the future, she hopes to work on developing alternative and sustainable energy sources, while also working to educate the public about sustainability issues. Kate loves to cook, read, knit, bike, and do just about anything outside.


Corey Farmer developed an interest in sustainability when he first learned that Styrofoam never biodegrades. This love for sustainability was realized during a Thermodynamics course. From this point on he made it his mission to live, and help others live quality lives which would not reduce the quality of the lives to come. His areas of specialization are with mechanical processes, but he takes an interest in many different aspects of sustainability and strives to understand the concepts behind it more fully. He is a graduate of Hartselle High School in Hartselle, Al and a senior in mechanical engineering at Auburn University.


Clinton Cook is a senior from Birmingham, AL, majoring in Building Science with a Minor in Business Management. His main interest is in sustainable construction practices with a focus on reducing the impact that buildings have on the environment, including buildings' embodied energy, current energy consumption, and site impact. He is an active member of the Historic Preservation Guild and an officer in the Associated Builders and Contractors.