Sustainability Interns


Kyle Aune is a junior from Huntsville, AL majoring in Biomedical Sciences. His biggest interest in sustainability is how the religious community responds to caring for the Earth.


Rafael G. Egües traces his interest in sustainability to an article he read as a child in Highlights magazine on the causes and effects of acid rain. Since this early awakening, he has had a keen interest in learning all he could about solutions to the strains that growth places on communities. His specific areas of interest include the economic, technical, social, and political implications of building and transportation system design, of population density, and of energy production, distribution, and consumption. He is a graduate of Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami, FL and a senior majoring in public administration at Auburn University.


Sheena McClusky was raised in the small country town of Bon Secour, AL, which is about 15 minute from the beach. Being raised in such a beautiful, natural environment and always having lots of animals, a love for nature was instilled in her from the very beginning. Thus, she is now a senior in Biosystems Engineering. Upon graduation she is planning on pursuing a master's degree in community planning where she will focus on the design of sustainable communities.


Kate Simpson is a senior, from Auburn, Alabama, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Wireless Hardware Engineering. Kate's main interest is in the energy field, and would like attend graduate school for sustainable engineering. In the future, she hopes to work on developing alternative and sustainable energy sources, while also working to educate the public about sustainability issues. Kate loves to cook, read, knit, bike, and do just about anything outside.


William Warren is a junior in Chemical Engineering. He is from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been interested in environmentalism and sustainability since his freshmen year of college. He has a passion for engineering and sustainable technology. His plans for the future are to help solve our energy crisis.


David Chunn is a senior at Auburn University. He is studying History and is working on a minor in Political Science. He grew up in Decatur, Alabama. Apart from his internship with the AU Sustainability Initiative, he is involved with Alabama Water Watch and is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. After graduating from Auburn University in December 2008, his goals are to attend graduate school and earn a Masters in Community Planning and to begin a career involved in community sustainability.


Carrie Kilpatrick is a junior in Psychology. She hails from Hoover, AL and enjoys sewing, art, and other crafty adventures. She is also an avid outdoors woman who has always been interested and participated in making the environment a healthier place for everyone to live. In sustainability she has always focused on ways the individual can make a difference in their daily lives in order to reduce our impact on the planet.


Alexander Pfeiffenberger was born in Germany - but has spent the majority of his life in Mobile, Alabama. It wasn't until coming to Auburn that he found out that the environmental awareness that he has come to know in Germany - and felt was lacking in the states - was gaining ground under the umbrella term sustainability. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering in the hopes of developing technology for developing nations - Alexander is captivated by the power of technology in assisting people to live more productive and efficient lives. In his spare time Alexander is known to engage in such bourgeois hobbies as mountain biking, photography and blogging - but ultimately he still hopes to play at least a small part in changing the world for the better.


Emily Vollers is a junior from Madison, AL, majoring in International Business, with concentrations in French and Economics. Her interest in sustainability began in 2006 when she returned from a year of studying abroad in Denmark. She realized how Danes, as a whole, better employ sustainable practices in their daily lives than Americans do. Her interest in sustainability lies in discovering and promoting ways that individuals and businesses alike can lessen their impact on the environment.