Sustainability Interns, 2011-2012


Carolina Ruiz is a native from Auburn in her 4th year majoring in Interior Design. She has always loved the outdoors and nature, especially after traveling to her home country of Guatemala with her family. Her interest in sustainability continued to grow after traveling to Europe this summer and seeing first hand more sustainable practices and lifestyles. She passed the LEED Green Associates exam in April and is planning to work toward becoming a LEED AP, specializing in Commercial Interiors. In the future, Carolina hopes to help maximize building and home efficiency with sustainable building design.


Katie McDonnell is in her second year at Auburn studying Political Science and Communications. She's from Tampa, Florida, and enjoys learning about government, history, and the written word. Growing up on the coast, she developed an early appreciation of marine life and her natural surroundings. Her interests include alternative energy and the relationship between societies and the natural world. She hopes to be an informed participant in the political system she enjoys learning about, and to go to law school after obtaining her undergraduate degree to learn more about environmental policy.


Mignon Denton is a sophomore from Dauphin Island, AL who is majoring in natural resource management. She enjoys trying new things, singing, learning, swing dancing, playing with kids, and making friends with bugs and other critters. She wants to learn more about thriving school and work environments, organizational structure, walkable urbanism, and sharing opportunities. She is especially interested in K-12th grade curriculum design that enlivens, challenges, and connects students to their world.


Rachel Preuit is a 4th year Industrial Design student with a minor in Sustainability from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After studying abroad in Ireland, Scotland and England she realized European lifestyles were much more sustainable than Americans. She recently completed a course with the National Outdoor Leadership School where she backpacked in Wyoming and learned many skills that could be applied to our everyday lives to make them more sustainable. Her main interests in sustainability are helping individuals reduce their footprint and sustainable product design.


Morgan White is a sophomore from Indian Springs, Alabama majoring in Food Science. She loves to cook, spend time with her dogs, and share her passion about sustainability with others. While being a chef, she began to read more about the positive impacts organic foods and vegan/vegetarian diets have on the environment. Her interests in sustainability include sustainable cooking methods, organic and/or seasonal food, and sustainable living. She plans to open up her own restaurant that is ecofriendly and practices green cooking.


Samantha Bolaņos is a Senior in Marketing at Auburn. She was born in Miami, FL, but has spent most of her life in Mobile, AL. She is Cuban-American and some day hopes to visit Cuba and experience the wealth of culture there. She is interested in developing a career in advertising and eliminating the practice of greenwashing. Samantha loves her two pets and helping as many animals as possible. She enjoys reading, movies, being in the fresh air, and is currently writing a novel. She is intrigued about the unique ways sustainability is integrated into businesses and would like to be part of the effort in expanding those practices.


Sara Geonczy is in her second year of Environmental Science with a minor in Sustainability. She comes from the northern suburbs of Atlanta, and has surprisingly survived there without a car. She enjoys learning about the American bison, landfills, walkable urbanism, food systems, and her pet ferns. She is very interested in experiential education and believes that her best learning experiences have occurred on road trips with her family criss-crossing the United States and getting to know the American landscape, both city and country.