September, 2011

New!! "Campus Conversations" starts this Fall

Take Action: take the Sustainability Pledge!

Changing faces in the Office of Sustainability

Join a student groups that makes a difference

Sustainability skill building workshop hosted by Office of Sustainability

NEW!! "Campus Conversations" starts this Fall

The Office of Sustainability has kicked off a new series known as Campus Conversations. The format of Campus Conversations is designed to incorporate more dialogue and participation by those in attendance.
Topics will address:

    Social Issues


    Environmental Issues

    Campus to a global scale

Each week, invited speakers will provide a context for group learning by giving a 15-20 minute presentation followed by structured small group and large group conversations around key issues and questions relevant to the topic. These conversations are intended for everyone interested and no prior knowledge of the topic is required. Campus Conversations, which has replaced the Green Lunch Series, is an opportunity for us to explore important issues together and inform campus decision-making.

The first Campus Conversation was titled "Sustainability at Auburn and YOU!" The Office presented what is happening on campus in sustainability, and what is happening next. Then the group had interactive discussions on:
"What is the role of the individual in sustainability?"

Contact the Office of Sustainability if you have any ideas or topics you would like to have discussed at a Campus Conversations.

Changing faces in the Office of Sustainability

There are a couple new faces representing the Office of Sustainability since the previous director, Dr. Lindy Biggs, returned to the History Department full time last spring. The office is now in a strategic planning phase led by the new Director of Campus Sustainability Operations, Mike Kensler.

Mike Kensler has a passion for leadership development, organizational transformation, the creation of democratic learning communities,civic engagement, and individual and group empowerment. Mike believes that at the core of our efforts to create a sustainable society live both an ethic of responsibility toward the future, and a faith in people and their inherent aspiration, power, and ability to work together to create an ecologically, economically, and socially flourishing world.

The new Director of Academic Sustainability Programs, Dr. Nanette Chadwick, will work with faculty and students to oversee the Minor in Sustainability, and to promote integrating sustainability into research and teaching efforts across campus. Nanette joins the Office from the College of Sciences and Mathematics where her research and teaching interests focus on community level interactions among organisms and sustainable use of natural resource.

Matthew Williams continues to be a familiar face in the Office of Sustainability. As the Program Manager he thrives on exploring, understanding, and explaining the technical basis for sustainability concerns and solutions.

The Communications and Outreach Coordinator is Jennifer Morse. She enjoys educating and inspiring others to learn about sustainability and our connections to the natural world around us.

Please visit the Office of Sustainability website to learn more about what we do and our new approach.

Take Action: take the Sustainability Pledge!

Join over 500 others who have already taken the Sustainability Pledge. The pledge presents simple things that will help make our lives and campus more sustainable.

Pick and choose those behaviors that you are committed to changing in your life. Be part of something bigger and make a difference! Take the Sustainability Pledge!

Join a student group that makes a difference

Learn more about sustainability, gain experience as a leader, and make a difference in the world. There are many active student groups on campus that are striving to make a difference in sustainability related issues. Get involved!

Sustainability skill building workshop hosted by Office of Sustainability

In May 2011 a group of 24 Auburn University students, administrators, faculty and staff joined the Office of Sustainability in an intensive 3-day workshop entitled “Practical Tools for Mainstreaming Sustainability into Higher Education.”

The Office of Sustainability had identified AtKisson’s ISIS tools (ISIS stands for Indicators, Systems, Innovations, and Strategies) as a practical and effective set of tools and processes that are applicable to campus operations as well as classes, research projects, and university outreach activities.

Participants focused on the topic of sustainability at Auburn University throughout the workshop. The Office of Sustainability will be using the ISIS tools in its work on and off campus. The outcomes of the workshop have informed the strategic planning process that is now being undertaken by the Office of Sustainability.

For more information on the ISIS workshop at Auburn University please follow the links above or contact the Director of Campus Sustainability Operations, Mike Kensler

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