Myth Busting

Climate Change

While some still consider the topic of Global Climate Change controversial, there is now overwhelming scientific evidence pointing to human activities as the leading cause.

Bottled Water

While a typical water bottle can be consumed in a matter of minutes, it can take hundreds of years for such a bottle to decompose naturally.


As Americans, we should be proud of our National and State Parks, our Wildness areas and National Wildlife Refuges, some of the most comprehensive systems of nature preservation in the world...

Solar Energy in the SE

Have you ever gone outside on a summer day in Auburn and said, "Man, it's hot today. And bright!"? Proof positive that there is plenty of solar energy just hanging around, waiting to be taken advantage of.

Compact Fluorescent Lights, CFLs

Residential electricity usage accounts for about 30% of national electricity usage. After refrigerators, AC and heating, lighting is the biggest use of electricity in houses. 90% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs is emitted as heat, so not only are you...