Myth Busting: Solar Energy in Alabama

Solar energy is not a viable energy source in Alabama

Solar energy is a proven and effective source of energy in Alabama


Have you ever gone outside on a summer day in Auburn and said, "Man, it's hot today. And bright!"? Proof positive that there is plenty of solar energy just hanging around, waiting to be taken advantage of.


Alabama and Solar Energy

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According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), solar energy is a viable alternative energy source for Alabama. Researchers and commercical companies are continuously developing more efficient solar energy systems, but even with existing technologies, there is enough solar energy in Alabama for it to be a practical solution. Currently, there are two different types of collectors, flat plate and concentrating collectors, which are applicable in different situations. The DOE states that, "For flat-plate collectors, Alabama has a useful solar resource, particularly in the southeastern region of the state. For concentrating collectors, Alabama has a useful resource only in the southeastern region of the state. This could be used for water heating or PV systems."

To read about the Department of Energy's Solar Technologies Program visit DOE website

One of Many

Solar energy, with current technology where it stands now, will not solve all of Alabama's energy needs, but combined with other clean and renewable technologies, it is part of the solution.

Solar Energy and Auburn



Auburn is already working toward a solar future. Various groups and individuals on campus have in the past or are currently involved in projects that utilize solar energy. Check out the links below:

Solar Car Project

Solar House

Further Information

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