What is Your Ecological Footprint?

Ecological footprinting is a system that allows us to determine how much land is used to maintain a certain lifestyle. It can be used to determine how much land an individual uses, how much land a household or even an institution uses. Carbon footprinting tells us how much carbon a particular lifestyle produces.

Auburn University's Carbon Footprint

Currently, the Sustainability Initiative is gathering data and using the Clean Air, Cool Planet Campus Carbon Calculator to determine Auburn University's total carbon footprint. This will give the university a baseline from which we can measure our progress towards carbon neutrality, which we have committed to through the Presidents Climate Commitment.


How Can I Reduce My Footprint?

For tips on how to reduce your footprint, download our brochure [PDF]:



Find Your Ecological Footprint

Find out how much land you use as an individual. Go to the Global Footprint Network and take the quiz.