Food Miles

Typically, fresh produce in the US travels 1,500 miles to the table where is eaten. ("Energy Use in the U.S. Food System: A Summary of Existing Research and Analysis," John Hendrickson, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, UW-Madison)

Local or regional food, on the other hand travels, on average, only 60 miles. Buying locally produced food is better for you, the environment and your local community.

Environmental benefits
  • Less green house gas emitted during transportation

  • Less energy used for transportation

  • Fewer preservatives used to prevent blemishing

Benefits to You
Click here to download the organic dirty dozen guide.

  • Fewer preservatives

  • Produce arrives fresher, meaning less nutrient loss

  • Local produce tastes better--small local farmers will often grow old heritage varieties that don't travel long distance well, but taste far, far better!

Benefits to Your Community

  • By buying local you are supporting your local economy. Who doesn't feel better paying money into the hands of the farmer who grew the food?

Local Groups Fighting Hunger

War on Hunger

The War on Hunger is a Auburn student led campaign to raise awareness about and increase action on world hunger. Visit the War on Hunger website.

East Alabama Foodbank

The East Alabama Foodbank relies on volunteers and donations to help feed the hungry families here in East Alabama. Visit the website here.

Community Garden

Auburn community garden relies on volunteer labor. All produce goes to the East Alabama Foodbank. For more details contact Beth Guertal at or visit the community garden website here.

Buy Local in Auburn

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Poultry and Eggs

  • Ledbetter Acres

Auburn Stores that Stock Local and Sustainable Foods

Local Meat

The Lambert-Powell Meats Laboratory, located at 500 Shug Jordan Pkwy, is open Mon-Thur, 2-5pm and Fri 11am-5pm. The lab sells beef, pork, chicken, eggs and bacon.

Auburn University Fish Market

Located on N College St, by the fish ponds. Open Saturday mornings.

Auburn Farmers' Market

When: Summer, May to August.
Where: Ag Heritage Park off Donahue Drive
Market at Ag Heritage Park

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