Home Energy Audit

Why Conduct a Home Energy Audit?

Conduct an energy audit of your home and learn how to lower your energy cost. The Home Energy Saver was developed by the Lawrence Berkeley Labs and maintained by the Energy Star program under the US Dept. of Energy.

The returns on your efficiency “investments” can sometimes be four or five times as profitable as what we would consider good returns from traditional investments (savings accounts, stocks, bonds). But in order to make accurate calculations and suggest realistic upgrades you will be required to gather a number of details about your family's house that you may never have thought of (or even heard of) before. Think of it like a scavenger hunt that can earn money, save energy, and reduce global warming.

Based on information you enter about your house and appliances, it estimates:

  • what your power bills are (very accurately)

  • provides a report of efficiency upgrades

  • ordered in terms of importance, and payback rate

  • shows savings in dollars, energy, and CO2

  • shows rate of return (viewed as an investment) which can be up to 800%! Try getting that in the stock market!

Conduct Your Home Energy Audit

Go to the Home Energy Saver website: http://hes.lbl.gov/

Information for those in Auburn, AL (total cost as of Feb 2009)

  • Electricity cost 14.1˘/kWh

  • Gas cost $1.75/100 ft3

The default settings are amazingly accurate, but for even more precise suggestions, you should enter as much of your own specific information as possible.

The hardest information to get is probably about your water heater. To find out information about your water heater visit:http://www.gamapower.org/