Climate Action Plan

Campus Food and Dining

This public page is the storehouse for resources and information for the working group addressing campus food and dining issues as they relate to greenhouse gas emissions at Auburn. As the Climate Action Planning (CAP) process continues, resources will be added to this page.

All meetings of the working groups are open to the public. As meeting times and locations are established they will be posted on the calendar below.

If you have any questions about Auburn's Climate Action Planning process, please feel free to email



Important background materials

Auburn's Carbon Inventory/Climate Action Plan FAQ

American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment FAQs

Climate Action Planning Guide (AASHE)

(If you would prefer the AASHE guide as a .pdf you can download it here)

Example CAPs from other schools

Complete compilation of all example CAPs

University of Florida CAP 2009

UNC Chapel Hill CAP 2009

UC Berkeley CAP 2007

Yale GHG Reduction Strategy (not ACUPCC signatory)

General resources

Raw copy of the campus carbon inventory calculation spreadsheet

User's Guide for campus carbon inventory calculator

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative

Food specific resources

Developing Food Policy Guidelines:

Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Policy on campuses

Sustainability Guide for Student Unions/Centers:

Best Practices for Student Unions and Student Activities

Summary of other campuses with Food issues in their CAPs:

Summary compiled from other Climate Aciton Plans

Art and Ag Initiative at Auburn:

Art in Agriculture Main page

Sustainability actions already in the works through Tiger Dining:

Tiger Dining Sustainability Page

CAP reports that we are using as models for our final product:

Portland City Climate Action Plan

Shared Documents for the Group:

Spreadsheet template with all of the considerations needed for each solution/recommendation from other groups

AU Food CAP Common Document

This is the main document that the group is using to compile ideas and ultimately use as the template for the final document that will be produced by the group. Any changes that you make in the link above are changes to the official document.

Meeting Agendas/Minutes



Calendar of Food and Dining working group activity plan

This calendar provides a tentative timeline for the planning process. As we advance through the process there will undoubtedly be changes made to the timeline that will be reflected here.