Climate Action Plan

Example Climate Action Plans from other Schools

Below are a number of example Climate Action Plans that have been completed by other schools. These schools have been selected because of similar characteristics to Auburn, or because they are schools that generally push the envelope in campus sustainability. For a complete compilation of all schools that have completed CAPs visit the ACUPCC reporting page.

If you have any questions about Auburn's Climate Action Planning process, please feel free to email


Examples from Southeastern region and State Schools

University of Florida

UNC Chapel Hill

Georgia Tech

University of Arkansas

University of South Carolina

LaGrange College (LaGrange, GA)

Oregon State University

University of Washington

University of Wyoming

University of Illinois-Chicago

Syracuse University

University of Kansas

New Mexico State University

Oklahoma University

Examples from "Pioneering" Campuses

Arizona State University

SUNY Buffalo

UC Berkeley

University of Colorado-Boulder

Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH)

University of New Hampshire

Yale University