The Office of Sustainability exists to develop an ethic, practice, and culture of sustainability throughout Auburn University, and to serve as a sustainability education and training resource for individuals and organizations within the university and in local, regional, national, and international communities.

What we do

The Office of Sustainability serves as a catalyst, facilitator, and resource for administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are interested in developing an understanding and practice of sustainability in their personal and professional lives, and contributing to creating a sustainable society.

The Office works to foster a culture and practice of sustainability on campus that is expressed throughout the University’s instructional, research, outreach, and operational activities. The Office also offers sustainability-related education and training, as well as planning and decision-making workshops and seminars for business, government, civic, and other groups.

Our approach

Sustainability is about creating a better future. As a result, our work is aspirational and future-focused. We are committed to a servant leadership approach in working for the common good. Hope and expectation of progress are essential to our work.

Our primary focus is not problem solving. Problems are solved in the context of creating a positive, productive future.

Our fundamental values reflect faith in people and acknowledge the universal human desire to contribute to something larger than ourselves, to do and create something meaningful and lasting.

We work to enable others to realize their ability and power to be co-creators of the future, and we engage people in specific, relevant efforts that make a difference in achieving a sustainable society.