Our Office

Auburn’s Office of Sustainability focuses on the the way Auburn University conducts itself as an organization: This includes such areas as building construction, renovation, maintenance and operations, efficient use and conservation of energy, transforming from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, conservation and efficiency of water use, landscape and land cover, transportation, stormwater management, purchasing, green events and office practices, waste reduction and elimination, food supply chains, pollution reduction and elimination, and other similar activities.

Our Mission and Approach

Our Staff

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Our Academic Collaborators

We work in conjunction with Auburn Academic Sustainability Program, which focuses on training students in the concepts and application of sustainability, expanding the incorporation of sustainability into the curriculum through faculty training workshops, and fostering interdisciplinary research through obtaining extramural funding for sustainability initiatives. The minor in sustainability exposes students to topics such as natural capitalism, the interdependence of economics environment and social equity, systems thinking, climate change and the future of energy, and biomimicry in human engineered systems.