Water Meter PhotoAuburn University spends millions of dollars each year on the utilities (electricity, water, and natural gas) that keep campus running.  Knowing how and where those utilities are consumed across campus is central to helping the Auburn community use resources efficiently, and subsequently keep costs down.

Until this past fall, many of the hundreds of meters on Auburn’s campus for monitoring utility consumption were read individually each month, similar to any home or apartment in town.  In September 2012, the Utilities and Energy Department in Facilities Management began the process of installing a campus-wide wireless meter reading system that will allow each modified meter to transmit information back to a central database hourly.

The water meters were the first to be launched (with installations continuing each week), and the system has already helped save thousands of gallons by being able to quickly detect leaks and anomalies and alert the appropriate staff.  As all the water, electricity and natural gas meters on campus are upgraded over the next year; Auburn gains a powerful tool to track resource consumption in real time, fix problems quickly when they arise, and show the community how our combined efforts can contribute to long-term resource conservation on campus