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These media files have been designed for and successfully tested with appropriate software on:

• Apple Macintosh operating systems 8 and higher, and on Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 operating systems.

• CPU speed: 133Mhz or faster

• RAM memory: 32MB or more

• Video display card and monitor capable of 256 colors or more and 800x600 pixel resolution or more

• Hard drive free space: 50MB or more

• Speakers or headphones that function properly with your computer (as tested by you)

Appropriate software for your computer to view MPG or RM video files and to play WAV audio files NOTE: RealPlayer 7 or higher is needed to view RM files created by PCTL. MPG files have been designed to the MPEG-1 specifications.

Audio and Video examples are presented either as downloadable waveform data files or as RealNetworksÆ streaming media.Users should be mindful that modem speed or general Internet performance may cause the downloading of audio or video files to be time-consuming.

File extension = .mov - Downloadable audio files are presented as QuickTime audio files, also known as QuickTime movies. To download this free plug-in go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ You will choose between the free download or the Pro version (not free).

File extension = .mpg - MPG files may be played using QuickTime, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. Your browser preferences should be set to one of these.

File extension = .rm - Video vignettes may be downloaded and played using the same RealPlayer mentioned below. The difference being that the RealPlayer files download to your computer for playback and the streaming files (for faster connections) may be played while still downloading.

File extension = .rm - RealNetworksÆ streaming media, employing technologies from RealNetwork, Inc., "streams" time-sequence data (such as audio and video) over the Internet to users. To playback these examples, one must obtain the appropriate RealNetworks client program. PCTL currently provides streaming media compatible with the RealNetwork versions 5.X and G2 client programs. The G2 client is available for download from the RealNetworks download site: http://www.real.com/products/player/index.html


A reliable connection to the Internet NOTE: an *actual modem speed* of 48K is recommended for viewing streaming media files. Example: If you operate a modem capable of 56k speed but its *actual speed* is below 48k when you try to view streaming media, the results will most likely be unacceptable to you. Try downloading and saving the entire file to your hard drive, then play the file from your hard drive. Actual connection speeds via cable modem, DSL, T-1 and other connections capable of high speed may vary and will affect the performance of streaming media.

PCTL cannot provide technical support to anyone experiencing difficulty. Please contact your support personnel as needed.



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updated September 25th. 2000

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