Academic and Administrative Exchange

The South Africa Academic and Administrative Exchange Program exposes faculty, students and administrators to the political, economic and social issues of post-apartheid South Africa. The new democratic government of South Africa opens up a wealth of progressive possibilities for Southern Africa, the continent of Africa and the world. Students participating in the program will have an opportunity to study at one of five universities within the Cape Town area: (1) University of the Western Cape, (2) Stellenbosch University, (3) Cape Technikon, (4) Peninsula Technikon and (5) University of Cape Town.

Students interested in the exchange program are also encouraged to take advantage of Auburn’s newly established minor in Africana Studies. An introductory course that students can sign up for is AFRI 2000, Introduction to Africana Studies. This course is a critical and systematic study of the rich intellectual and cultural past and present of Africans and their new world decedents. Africana studies is a developing and significant field that is now included among the course offerings at Auburn University.

Contact:Dr. Keenan Grenell
Interim Assistant Provost of Multicultural Affairs
334-844-6151, 2003 RBD Library
Auburn University, AL 36849