What to Bring to Camp

The following is a list of recommended items for Auburn Youth Camps. Different camps may require specific items, please refer to the individual camp page or contact the camp coordinator for more information.


Students attending Auburn Youth Camps that are lodged in the residence halls are required to bring their own toiletries, pillow, bedding (extra-long twin size), bath towels, alarm clocks, and soap. Note: Rooms can be cool at night, so a blanket is recommended.


The temperature during the summer months is usually hot and humid. We urge students to bring an ample supply of cool cotton clothes. Shorts and sport shirts are allowed in classes. We expect students to dress as they would in their own high school. Comfortable walking shoes should be included in each wardrobe. They should also include an umbrella and/or raincoat. Additionally, most camps will include some type of recreational athletic activity so students should bring some clothes appropriate for sports/recreation. Be sure to bring a swimsuit as our camps provide the opportunity for recreational swimming! Last, please bring at least one nice outfit (dress or shirt with nice pants, etc.) for the graduation ceremony.

Campers attending athletic camps should bring appropriate clothing and footwear and any required equipment.


Dormitories have coin-operated washers and dryers.


All program expenses (except transportation to and from campus) are covered by program sponsors, so there should be no need to bring a large amount of money. Students may want to bring some cash; however, to purchase optional items such as snacks, AU mementos, etc. About $50 per week should cover any incidental expenses (e.g. gifts, snacks, toiletries).


Vending machines are located in dorm lobbies; however, there may not be change machines available.


The campus has a book store that carries a variety of emergency items and AU mementos. There are also two book stores within walking distance of the dormitories.

Please note:

Smoking is prohibited in all campus facilities. Alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited as well.

Last Updated: December 12, 2014