Chuseok Celebration – October 4, 2017

A Chuseok celebration event was held in the Korea Corner on Wednesday, October 4, from 11:00am to 1:00pm. More than 100 students, faculty, and staff attended and learned about the Korean harvest festival, tasted Korean traditional foods and took a photo in Korean holiday costumes.

Chuseok (추석), originally known as Hangawi (한가위) and Korea’s centuries old harvest festival, is similar to an American Thanksgiving, and is a time to gather with family to celebrate the harvest and give thanks. People play folk games, and enjoy songs and dances in addition to eating enormous amount of food. Difference is to honor ancestors and visit ancestral hometowns, which is the Confucius tradition handed down to generation to generation.

A Korea Corner student ambassador, Rebeccah Noel Candela, said:

This week was Chuseok—the Korean version of Thanksgiving. So we at the Korean Corner had a fun first event to celebrate such a great time of year in Korea. We ate a lot of delicious foods such as kimbab, japchae, and songpyun. Some of us also even wore Korean traditional outfits called Hanbok. In all, it was great to share and teach a piece of important Korean culture to so many new and friendly faces and the event was definitely a success, so thank you to everyone who came by and celebrated with us. We're really looking forward to our future events and we hope to see you there as well! Thank you so much again!

Last Updated: October 9, 2017