Course Description

This self-paced, home study program is designed to prepare beginning students to be realtime writing steno machine writers to prepare them for careers in court reporting, broadcast (closed) captioning, and CART providing. As they write on the steno machine, the words appear in English on a computer screen or a television screen. These exciting careers are in demand and provide job security.

Court reporting allows individuals to work for agencies/firms, the government, or to own their own business as a freelance court reporter. Closed captioning, writing the captions beneath television programs for hearing impaired persons, allows individuals to work entirely from home. CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) is primarily writing for hearing impaired students and may be accomplished by working entirely from home or going to the assignment. (Click here to read more about these careers.)

Upon completion of training, students are prepared to pass any state CSR exam or the national RPR examination. Certification is not required in approximately half the states in the United States.

There are no prerequisites. Students learn theory (how to write on the steno machine), build speed to 225 wpm, learn CAT (computer aided transcription) software, learn career specific academics, perform an internship, and prepare for certification examinations. This skills-based program requires significant practice by the student to reach the level of proficiency to work in these careers. Successful graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

All materials and instruction are included at a cost of $5,999.00. A steno machine is not included. CAT software is included without charge during training. However, most professional reporters, captioners, and CART providers must provide their own CAT software throughout their career.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014