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The Georgia Department of Education has approved the Antibullying Summit for PLU credit:

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BUILD: Bullying Intervention Leadership Development
Course #5F7D76-7D5B
Auburn University
10 hours, 1 PLU or 1 CEU

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Course Description:

Leaders enrolled in this PLU will attend the Antibullying Summit in Peachtree City, GA, June 26-27, 2014 which will include sessions on effective bullying intervention programs and strategies, current research on bullying, and legal issues related to bullying and school personnel. Teachers earning this PLU will then 1) collect data analyzing bullying incidence in their schools and community, and identify effects of bullying on students' social interactions, emotional health, attendance, and academic success; and 2) develop and implement effective anti-bullying strategies utilizing community resources.

A safe school climate is conducive to student learning, yet statistics indicate that many students do NOT feel safe in their schools. About 71 % of students report that bullying is an on-going problem in their schools, and about 15% of students who are absent report that they miss school out of fear of being bullied ( Cyberbullying, defined as “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devise,” has been reported by about 20% of students ages 11-18 in a recent national survey (, the Cyberbullying Research Center). This course will introduce participants to successful bullying intervention programs and school/community anti-bullying partnerships, and guide participants in developing effective bullying intervention strategies which will result in a safe learning environment.

Course Assessment: Mastery Verification

Criteria for successful mastery verification will be assessed as follows:
The participant will provide three short written reports related to items a, b, and c below that will document bullying-related faculty or committee meetings, data gathered from bullying surveys, and the participant’s intervention plan/activities. These will be submitted electronically to the A.U. course instructor. The instructor will evaluate and provide feedback to the PLU applicant within a completion timeline specified by the instructor.

  1. The participant will demonstrate knowledge of state antibullying law and system anti-bullying policies and will ensure that students and their parents are informed of these using signed acknowledgement forms, website posts, direct mail, and/or classroom postings.
  2. The participant will gather and analyze data, using a survey instrument distributed to students, to determine incidences of bullying in the school and to identify primary trouble spots and most targeted populations (e.g., grade level, special needs, GLBT, etc.). The Survey will be distributed toward the beginning of the academic year and, if practical, again at the end of the academic year, to measure students’ attitudes toward safety in their school environment.
  3. The participant will establish a committee made up of school staff/faculty, parents, students, and community leaders to address the key bullying issues and will report to the instructor on anti-bullying initiatives proposed by the committee. Initiatives might include assembly programs, anonymous bullying reporting procedures, and the establishment of community partners to help in the anti-bullying campaign (such as posters in window, prizes for anti-bullying competitions, printing services donation, statistical analysis services, etc).

Attendance at face-to-face training will be confirmed by sign-in rosters.

Post-Summit participation will be confirmed by participants’ reports to A.U. instructor.

PLU Course Completion Certificates

PLU Course Completion Certificates will be issued by the Auburn University instructor after applicants have met the mastery criteria.

Deadline for date of PLU completion

The participant will complete all requirements for the PLU as promptly as possible in Fall 2014, but no later than March 31, 2015.


Please direct all PLU related questions to:

  • Linda Dean
    Special Projects Coordinator
    Truman Pierce Institute, College of Education
    108 Ramsay Hall
    Auburn University, AL 36849

Last Updated: April 1, 2014