PLU Credit Information for Alabama Applicants

"BUILD: Bullying Intervention Leadership Development in Faculty, Staff, Students, and Community"

PLUACLD 151 PLUASIL 5 ACLD, Provider–Truman Pierce Institute (AU)

This PLU meets Leadership Standard 5, “Community and Stakeholder Relationships.”

Leaders enrolled in this PLU will:

  • Analyze bullying incidence in their school(s) and community
  • Identify effects of bullying on students' social interactions, emotional health, attendance, and academic success
  • Develop and implement effective anti-bullying strategies utilizing community resources.

In addition to attending the Anti-Bullying Summit in Peachtree City, GA, June 26-27, participants will: lead a faculty/staff meeting during which Alabama law and school system policies pertaining to bullying are reviewed; collect data from two bullying surveys (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014) to assess incidence of bullying and effects of intervention initiatives in their schools; organize and guide three faculty/parent/student/community leader meetings during which bullying problems are analyzed and strategies for intervention are developed; plan and implement two school-wide assemblies addressing the issue of bullying; and complete short reading assignments from on-line sources (no materials need to be purchased).

The nine activities required to obtain PLU credit are the following:

You may find a course abstract on the STI website, https:/// under course # PLUACLD151. A more detailed summary of each activity is available at by searching under course number 151, then clicking on "View," then clicking on "view" for each of the nine activities.

No face-to-face contact hours are required except for attendance at the Anti-bullying Summit in Peachtree City, Georgia, June 26-27, 2014.

Last Updated: April l, 2014