2016 Hero Award Recipients

Being an “upstander” rather than a “bystander” in bullying situations requires courage and risk, but individuals or groups who take the initiative to be “upstanders” -those people whom we describe as Anti-Bullying Heroes--become an impetus for change in schools and communities.  Four Hero Awards will be presented at Auburn University’s Sixth Annual National Anti-Bullying Summit,  June 23-24, 2016 in Peachtree City, Georgia.  The four honorees will be:

Franklin SchargelDr. Franklin Schargel - Education Leader
Schargel Consulting Group
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Franklin Schargel has developed proven anti-bullying programs for school and community agencies, both locally and globally. He is a prolific writer, conference speaker, consultant, and trainer. He has delivered over 200 workshops across the United States, Europe, and Latin America. In his book Creating Safe Schools: A Guide for School Leaders, Teachers, Counselors, and Parents, Dr. Schargel tackles a variety of school violence issues, including girl bullying and empowerment and cyber safety. His Bullying—What Schools Can Do is an informative PDF document that explores multiple aspects of bullying with detailed interventions that can be implemented by educators, counselors, and students.

Dr. Schargel’s success in his inner-city (NYC) high school, expanding parental involvement, increasing post-secondary school attendance, and significantly lowering the student drop rate, has been documented in 25 books, 77 newspaper and magazine articles, and five internationally released videos. The 15 strategies developed by the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University in association with Mr. Schargel have been recognized by the National Education Goals Panel and the U.S. Department of Education as “the most effective strategies to help solve our school dropout problem. The U.S. Department of Education, Fortune Magazine, Business Week, National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting System, and the New York Times have recognized his work. He has received awards from the National Dropout Prevention Center and the International Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention. In addition to his global reach, Dr. Schargel is a leader in his home community, serving as an active volunteer with United Way of Central New Mexico’s Mission: Graduate High School Network that seeks to reduce the barriers to high school graduation and increase college/degree attainment.

Darrell GreenMr. Darrell Green - Community Leader
Strong Youth, Strong Communities Initiative
Reston, Virginia

Pro Football Hall of Famer Darrell Green is passionate about equipping youth for success. Darrell is making a commitment to youth and communities across the country through Strong Youth, Strong Communities (SYSC), a three-year initiative targeting middle and high school youth. Designed with support and collaboration from Cenpatico and Centene Corporation to promote healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy living, SYSC focuses on raising youth’s awareness of the importance of active thinking, sound judgment, and creating and enacting a healthy “living constitution” for success in life and in their community. In addition, Strong Youth, Strong Communities aims to put a stop to bullying through education and empowerment of parents, teachers, and students.

Today’s youth are dealing with myriad behavioral, mental, and social health issues, many of which are fueled as well as complicated by social media. Through Strong Youth, Strong Communities Darrell shares his message and methods for success with youth across the country as part of Cenpatico’s and Centene’s efforts to improve the health of communities. SYSC is designed to deliver information, bolster awareness, facilitate active thinking, and spur the examination of existing thinking. Darrell uses his real-life on and off field stories to illustrate strategies for success, as well as, interactive exercises to spur youth to think about their own ways of thinking. Strong Youth, Strong Communities provides an opportunity to both speak to youth, as well as hear from youth.

Darrell Green is no stranger to success. In addition to his record-setting 20 year career with the Washington Redskins, his on field accomplishments include two Super Bowl victories, seven selections to the Pro Bowl, and four NFL Fastest Man competitions. Darrell’s numerous awards include NFL’s Man of the Year in 1996, and a 2008 induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Darrell is also well known for his work off the field. A long-time proponent of education, service, and moral development, he founded The Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation (DGYLF) in 1988 to provide a wide range of academic and values-based after-school and summer programs to help youth develop into leaders that positively influence their families and communities. Likewise, through the Cenpatico and Centene partnership on Strong Youth, Strong Communities, Darrell is investing in youth across America by using uses his real life on- and off-field stories experience to illustrate strategies for success because he knows strong youth create strong communities.

Oakley PerryOakley Perry – Student Leader
4-H Healthy Living Ambassador
Jeff Davis County, Georgia

Having been bullied as a youth, Oakley has an immense passion for bullying prevention. He helped launch “Bully buster” Ambassador programs in Georgia 4-H and in his home county, Jeff Davis. He has given countless speeches to groups, done school wide programs, taught numerous workshops and classes on bullying, been featured in a bullying guide for parents, and served as a panelist at the Federal Partners for Bullying Preventions Summit. He currently serves as a National 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassador, representing Social and Emotional Health. After one of his speeches, a 4-Her told him her own story of being bullied, how she had been cutting herself as a way to deal with problems, and how his story had given her hope that she could overcome the pain. Stories like this show the huge impact that Oakley has had, positively impacting thousands with this message of kindness, acceptance, self-love, and thoughtfulness.

Huntsville City SchoolsHuntsville City Schools – School-Based Program
Huntsville, Alabama

For the third consecutive year, Huntsville City Schools has implemented the Anti-Defamation League’s “No Place for Hate” program, which addresses bullying. Huntsville is the first system in ADL Southeastern region (a four-state area encompassing Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee) to implement the No Place for Hate program district-wide as a year-long program throughout its 39 schools. Donna Clark, Coordinator for School Counseling Services, has been the champion for this program, which impacts not only the students and teachers but the community as a whole. The school system has become pro-active in making their schools safe and inclusive as a result of her leadership. According to staff at Weatherly Heights Elementary School, the NP4H8 Program has encouraged students to want to be “allies” instead of “bystanders”. This has given them a sense of support and team work instead of being all alone to handle these situations. It has also motivated the students to think of new projects, like putting “Buddy Benches” on the playground, to promote that the school is a NP4H8 school.

Last Updated: July 15, 2016