Dr. Stacey NicksonWelcome to the K-12 Outreach website. As the inaugural director of K-12 Outreach, I am honored to lead the collaboration between Auburn University Outreach and our school and community partners.

Auburn University’s commitment to public engagement includes a strategic goal to “enlarge our programs for the state’s young people”. Through the expansion of K-12 Outreach we look forward to extending services to directly impact our local and state schools and communities.

By tapping into the human and intellectual resources of Auburn University we will advance an exchange of academic, social and cultural experiences with our youth, schools and the community at-large. Through K-12 Outreach, we will initiate the development of new programs and nurture successful existing programs to offer the youth of Alabama access to experiences that promote college and career readiness.

As we help prepare the students of Alabama for successful post-secondary and career experiences we are mindful of the 21st Century skills they will need as global citizens.  Hence, K-12 Outreach will include programs and experiences that enhance international exchange and expand the global capabilities of our students.

Last Updated: August 22, 2014