Alabama Fulbright Association Junior Fellows

fulbrightThe Alabama Fulbright Association Junior Fellows program is designed to include local, underserved high school students in the activities of the Alabama Fulbright Association to increase international education awareness and cultural exchange.  Junior Fellows will meet and engage with international Fulbright scholars during structured activities and outings sponsored by the Alabama Fulbright Association in partnership with Auburn University. These activities will include field trips and local events intended to broaden the international exposure and awareness of all participants.

Cultural Insight Program

Culture BumpThe Cultural Insight Program is the home of Culture Bump© training for global and cross-cultural communication (created and developed by Dr. Carol Archer), providing a process, change mechanism, continuous improvement and consultation to higher education institutions, school districts, corporations, military, health care, government agencies, non-profits locally, nationally and internationally. Culture Bump training is designed to meet the multi-level needs of members of any organization including CEO’s, managers, supervisors, administrators, academic faculty, staff, teachers, student leaders and employees.  In 2014 Auburn University will begin offering Culture Bump Online training leading to cross-cultural certification.

Last Updated: October 24, 2016