College/Career Prep

Blueprints College Access Initiative

BlueprintsBlueprints is an initiative of Alabama Possible that impacts high school student retention and college success. Through a collaboration between Auburn University K-12 Outreach and the Honors College the Blueprints program will offer “near peer” mentoring between Auburn college students and local high school students in the 9th though 12 grades. This structured program uses trained college mentors to provide 9th grade early awareness mentoring and 10-12th grade college coaching through the college and career readiness classes at our partner high schools. With guidance from their mentors, Blueprints  students engage in college and career exploration, acquisition of academic and soft skills, and financial education activities to complete scholarship and financial aid applications. Alabama’s  Blueprints students in the Class of 2014 gained acceptance to over 70 colleges nationwide!

Maths and Science Marketing

Maths and Science MarketingMaths and Science Marketing is a free, web-based  program offering  over 100,000 pages of PowerPoint and PDF learning and teaching modules, textbooks, workbooks, experiments, videos, simulations, worksheets, tests & exams with memos, study secrets etc. This internationally acclaimed teaching and learning program was developed in South Africa to advance educational opportunities for students underrepresented in the nation’s colleges and universities.  With math programs for grades 1-12 and science programs for grades 10-12, this interactive teaching and learning tool offers strategies, resources and materials for both teachers and students.

Visit their website at:

University K-12 Outreach looks forward to hosting future workshops for teachers wanting support using the Maths and Science Marketing program. Check our website for announcements.


SENCERSENCER is a program funded by the National Science Foundation that encourages students to apply what they learn in the classroom by focusing on real-world problems and using a hands-on approach to solve issues in their communities. SENCER especially believes that students can be guided to apply what they learn in any science class or course to their individual learning objectives, regardless of the academic field.  Auburn University’s SENCER Team is an inter-disciplinary group of academic leaders committed to advancing the SENCER approach throughout the university teaching and learning culture. University K-12 Outreach has joined the SENCER Team in an effort to develop projects and programs that will work collaboratively with Auburn academic units implementing the SENCER approach across various disciplines.

Stairway to College

Stairway to CollegeIs a groundbreaking educational counseling outreach and intervention program, personalized for individual students and accessed via their personal mobile devices (cell phones or tablets). Stairway to College is currently available only to Alabama students enrolled in the 2014-2015 pilot school program.

The Stairway to College app uses shared or uploaded academic admissions requirement matrices from the higher education institution of a student’s choice and interfaces with the student’s own school course offerings.

  1. To make recommended sequential course selections for the student based on district offerings compared against university admissions trends.
  2. To track and monitor grade outcomes for the student on a customized grade tracking sheet.

Students can compare the grade information against the admissions trends at their chosen university to get a clear and candid snapshot of their admissions viability to their chosen university based on current “weighted GPA trends”. The app makes additional course recommendations throughout the student’s high school progress towards graduation.  The app identifies local community college courses able to supplement needed courses not available through student’s regular school program.

Interested districts may contact this office for information on future availability of Stairway to College.

U.N.I.T.E. Mentoring

You and I Together Excel (U.N.I.T.E.) Mentoring is a program serving underrepresented minorities from grades 9-12 and college freshmen through seniors. The focus of U.N.I.T.E. is to lead students to embrace academic achievement and persistence in school, leading to high school and college graduation. The objective of the program is to increase achievement and perseverance among minority students using peer mentoring as key tools to achieve success. U.N.I.T.E. provides business etiquette seminars, professional development workshops and engages in community service projects. U.N.I.T.E. promotes leadership, scholarship and social awareness, helping youth develop spiritually, culturally and intellectually. U.N.I.T.E.’s founder, Travis Smith has established chapters at LaFayette High School (Chambers County) and Alabama State University. Through a partnership with Auburn University K-12 Outreach, U.N.I.T.E. expects to enhance programs for the LaFayette High School chapter and form new chapters at area high schools.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014