Outreach Global Ghana Educational and Cultural Spring Break

Group of AU Students and Faculty in Ghana, Africa during Spring Break 2017

Outreach Global first educational and cultural spring break began on March 11-15, 2017 in Ghana, West Africa. The trip was divided into two separate programs; spring break and service learning project with University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana College of Distance Education. The program was coordinated by the Outreach Global office. The five students and two faculty members were in Accra and Cape Coast, Ghana for this trip. The spring break program participants consisted of Africana students; Daniel Walker (Graduate student), Mike O’key (Undergraduate), Khalil Johnson (Undergraduate) and their instructor Dr. Stacey Nickson. Whilst the service learning project participants consisted of the Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology(EFLT) students; Nicole Forney (Ph.D. Student), Ashlee Duffy (Ph.D. Candidate) with their professor Dr. Sean Forbes, Associate Professor, EFLT. Mrs. Elizabeth Essamuah-Quansah, the Coordinator for Outreach Global led the group to Ghana.

The spring break participants volunteered at UCC, Ghana, kindergarten, primary (elementary in U.S.), other local schools and participated in the University of Cape Coast Atlantic hall celebration and graduation ceremony.

Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker

Khalil Johnson
Khalil Johnson

Mike O'Key
Mike O'key

Daniel Walker, a graduate student and membership Graduate Assistant at Auburn Recreation & Wellness said:
“I had an amazing time in Ghana. We did so much in those few days. I could easily say my experience at Cape Coast Castle was the most powerful and eating breakfast/ dinner on the beach was the most relaxing. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the kids at school and being able to interact/ observe them in the classroom”.

Khalil Johnson
“My trip to Ghana was one that I am still learning to describe with words. I was exposed to such a different culture and witnessed something breath-taking at least once daily, for the duration of the trip. Through the knowledge that I gained, I am able to inform my family and friends about the things I witnessed. My encounters completely shifted how I think about most things I deal with here in America. It is an experience that I will certainly never forget”.

Mike O’key
"I set out to Ghana with an open mind and an eagerness to experience another culture, but nothing could have prepared me for the experiences and insight I've gained from going to Ghana. From exploring a rainforest, seeing historical sights, visiting beautiful beaches, and exploring the fascinating capital city Accra, plus all of the wonderful people I met along the way, it was everything you could ask for of a Spring Break and more."

Service Learning Project Participant
Nicole Ferney, Ph. D. Student
“As a society, Ghana is a sight to behold. From the city to Kakum National Park to Cape Coast Castle, there is something for everyone. You can negotiate and haggle in the market one day, go hiking across The Canopy Walkway, and then learn history at Cape Coast Castle to truly feel like you are in another world altogether. No matter your preference, you are sure to receive the royal treatment because the Ghanaian culture seems to exude hospitality. At Cape Coast Castle, a tour guide named Sebastian helped me understand what life was like for some people during its operation in history. With this in mind, be sure to remember to tip any tour guides for their excellent service”.

The Outreach Global office hopes that more AU faculty and students will explore opportunities in Ghana and immerse themselves in Ghana’s education and culture.

Last Updated: October 24, 2018