AU Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grants

The 2017-18 Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grant winners will be announced at the Outreach and Engaged Scholars Luncheon on Monday, April 23, 2018 at the AU Hotel and Conference Center.

The Office of the Vice President for University Outreach announces the 2017-2018 call for proposals for the Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grants Program (COSG). The COSG program is intramural and made available to promote community-engaged scholarship and the outreach enterprise.

Purpose and Scope of Grants

The purpose of the Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grants Program is to encourage and support faculty engagement addressing critical societal needs in Alabama and beyond. This intramural program is a collaboration of the Office of University Outreach and AU faculty, and is intended to enhance public engagement and vigorously promote outreach scholarship as defined in Chapter 3 of the Faculty Handbook. Each proposal will be judged on its merit and the project’s potential benefit to the State and to Auburn University.

Amount of Grants

Grants will range in value up to $25,000 for one year.


Applicants will receive three email notifications. The first email notification will confirm receipt of the proposal. The second email notification will be sent after the final submission deadline indicating whether or not the proposal met minimum requirements for panel review. The third email notification will delineate the outcome of the panel review and the award disposition. All applicants can expect to receive the third and final notification the second week in April 2018.

Administration of Grants

Support for funded projects may begin as early as April, 2018. Those who receive grants will be contacted to discuss grant cycle requirements. These requirements include the development of a MOU and Partnership Agreement with University Outreach and the establishment of a FOAP for funds distribution. Grant recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the Outreach and Engaged Scholars Luncheon (April 2018), a recognition event for being awarded a grant. In addition, grant recipients will be asked to submit a mid-year grant cycle report (six months into the project), a final report summarizing the project and evaluating its impact on the target constituency at the conclusion of the grant cycle. These reports of outreach engaged scholarship will be used in future Outreach publications, and grant recipients are encouraged to plan their own discipline-specific submissions for publications as well. Furthermore, submit a proposal to present their engagement activities and scholarship resulting from the project at the Engagement Scholarship Conference (Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 30 - October 3, 2018).

Contact Information

For further information, please contact the Director of Faculty Engagement, Dr. Chippewa Thomas, at or call (334) 844-5700. For administrative assistance, contact Kara White at or call (334) 844-5700.

Previous Grant Recipients

Last Updated: March 6, 2018