Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

These ECDI reports use an advanced input/output model and tax revenue projection formulas to generate detailed estimates of the economic and fiscal impacts of a hypothetical change/s within a community or region, in terms of jobs, sales, and earnings.

The data included in ECDI's economic and fiscal impact reports can be used to attract industry; recover from an industry closure; gauge the strength of a local industry cluster; or conduct a cost/benefit analysis of proposed industrial or commercial tax abatements.

Using EMSI's Strategic Advantage input-output modeling software, ECDI can project total (i.e. direct and indirect) gains or losses in jobs, sales, and earnings due to changes in one or more industries; define and analyze regional industry clusters and economic base; determine economic "gaps" in a community or region; and discover the highest-impact industries to recruit.

In addition, ECDI has created tax revenue projection formulas to generate estimates of sales, property, income, and occupation tax revenues and abatements based upon facility construction and operation parameters.

Customized regions can be created by zip code/s or county/ies in Alabama.

For more information on ECDI's economic data reports, please contact Amelia Stehouwer, ECDI Research and Communications Specialist, at or (334) 844-5394.

Last Updated: May 20, 2014