Tourism & Retiree Attraction Publications

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Tourism Publications


Chesnutt: J.T. (2007). Tourism: An Effective Tool for Economic Development. Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Tourism is an effective tool for economic development. Topics covered in this publication are tourism and its economic impacts on the community, components of tourism, benefits and costs of the travel industry, methods of attracting visitors to a community, and additional available resources.


Chesnutt: J.T. (2007). Developing an Agri-Tourism Attraction in Alabama. Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

This colorful, 24-page booklet is designed to help farmers and entrepreneurs decide if agri-tourism might enhance their incomes. The booklet also provides basic information needed for an individual to develop an agri-tourism attraction. Chapters cover helpful information on assessing potential attractions; pricing considerations; business plans; accessibility, environmental factors, and animal welfare; marketing plans; partnerships, risk assessment, and management; and resource materials.


Chesnutt: J.T. (2001). Welcome to the State of Alabama. Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Packed in this 12-page brochure is information about our state's climate and terrain, natural resources, education, business and industry, education, and recreation and tourism. You'll also find helpful information about getting settled in the state.

Retiree Attraction Publications


Chesnutt: J.T. (2007). Establishing a Retiree Attraction Program in Your Community. Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Attracting retirees to a community is a relatively new and rapidly growing industry. This publication explains how to develop a retiree attraction program, including: forming a retiree attraction committee, designating a sponsor, establishing official community support, seeking unofficial community support, establishing committees, developing a community profile, writing a marketing plan, and creating a prospect package.


Chesnutt: J.T. (2007). Marketing Your Community to Attract Retirees. Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

The attraction of affluent retirees is an expanding new industry today. This publication discusses the economic impact of the retiree attraction industry. Helpful tips are included for marketing to the local community and for marketing to the retiree.


Chesnutt: J.T. (2003). Why Attract Retirees to Your Community? Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

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