"BR&E is an economic development strategy that focuses on the retention and expansion of existing businesses. Programs are designed to help support existing business development and expand in today's global economy"–Business Retention and Expansion International

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    Features: putting the business back in business retention, five musts for incubator success, growing and keeping your regions college-educated workers. 32 pages.

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    Economic developers might be surprised to learn that their local businesses are not quite as happy as they thought and that these businesses are craving the developers' attention. It is exciting to chase new development for a city, but as with any business, it is easier to retain or grow current customers than to win new ones. 7 pages.

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    "A Comparative Analysis for Saving North Carolina's Existing Industries." In response to the continued loss of small manufacturing firms in North Carolina, this study seeks to answer the question: How can the state optimize synergies between local, regional, and state business retention and expansion programs to maximize their effectiveness for small manufacturing firms in North Carolina? 50 pages.

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    The author explains why taking care of existing businesses is analogous to taking care of one’s community. 3 pages.

Last Updated: May 21, 2014