"The ability to maximize the productive potential of every American of working age, through investment in education and training, will be essential to sustain future growth." – Michael E. Porter and Debra van Opstal (2001)

  1. Alabama BEST
    Blanks, G. (2007). "BEST Middle and High School Robotics Competition: A Workforce Development Program." Presentation for the 2007 Intensive Economic Development Training Course. 35 slides.

    The critical need for future engineers, scientists, and technical professional. 35 Slides.

  2. Auburn Training Connection
    Cox, C. "Auburn Training Connection." Presentation for the 2007 Intensive Economic Development Training Course. 36 slides.

    Introduction to the Auburn Training Connection as a workforce development program model.

  3. High Schools that Work in Alabama
    "High Schools that Work in Alabama: A Progress Report." A Southern Regional Education Board publication. 10 pages.

    Describes Alabama's progress in meeting the High Schools that Work objectives and provides recommendations for future action.

  4. High Tech High School, San Diego
    "The Intersection: Business and Education Working Together to Improve Student Achievement." Part of a Business Roundtable Series. Retrieved October 10, 2007 at http://www.businessroundtable.com.

    Reveals insights and best practices from a 2006 visit to High Tech High School in San Diego.

  5. Kennesaw Mountain High School, Cobb County, Georgia
    Dyer, M. (2005-2007). Presentations:
    "Kennesaw Mountain High School, Road to Quadrant D"
    Focus on Instruction 2005 Presentation
    Model Schools Conference 2007 Presentation
    Rigor, Relevance and Relationships 07 Presentation

    Presents lessons and best practices from Kennesaw Mountain High School in Cobb County, Georgia. KMHS has been cited as a national success model of a large school that holds high expectations for all students and meets individual student needs.

  6. Trussville, Alabama School System
    Goldman, J. P. (2007, March). The Architect of a 'Profoundly Different' System. The School Administrator, 64(3), 67-67.

    King, R. (2007). "Back to School 2.0." Business Week, September 5, 2007.

    From Working toward Excellence: The Journal of the Alabama Best Practices Center:
    Building 21st Century Schools requires top-to-bottom school district support.
    Educating kids for the Flat World: An interview with Suzanne Freeman
    Turnstile Superintendent's Public Letter about 21st Century Teaching & Learning

    Presents lessons and best practices from the Trussville, Alabama School System. The Trussville City Schools opened in August 2005 and provided an opportunity to design a new type of system from "from the ground up." This new design is supported by a desire to prepare students for life and jobs in the 21st Century and better integrate the education and business communities.

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