Yidan Wang


Yidan Wang is a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank. She leads the World Bank’s Education Staff Development Program (ESDP) from its inception in 2011. The ESDP has developed a series of training, both face-to-face and eLearning, on technical competencies and skills in the education sector for World Bank staff and development partners. Prior to this position, she was a Task Team Leader at the World Bank Institute, initiating and coordinating a series of new global and regional courses, including “Education for Development and Competitiveness: Challenges and Opportunities for Post-Basic Education,” “Public-Private Partnerships in Education,” and “Transforming Tertiary Education for Innovation and Competitiveness” etc. Before joining the World Bank, she worked at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), where she coordinated the education projects in Bangladesh and pioneered the public-private partnerships (PPPs) programs in the social sector, including education and health. Her work experiences span from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East and the Pacific. Dr. Wang has authored and co-authored several books and articles such as “Education in a Changing World: Flexibility, Skills, and Employability”, “A Primer on Policies for Jobs”, “Expanding Opportunities and Building Competencies for Young People: A New Agenda for Secondary Education”, “Public-Private Partnerships in the Social Sector: Issues and Country Experience in Asia and the Pacific”, and “The China Experience: Providing Teacher Training through Educational Television”. She was a visiting scholar at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo and Harvard University, and a visiting professor at Peking University. From 2000-2003, she served as a board member of the International Leadership Association (ILA). Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D. in International Education and Administration from the University of Pittsburgh.



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