Toby Warren


Toby Warren spends his working hours discovering how best to serve veterans, families and communities in the areas of health, education, employment, homelessness and faith. In this way, he is giving back through partnership with many State of Alabama agencies and non-profits. This is accomplished through the practice of servant leadership with the Community Foundation of East Alabama and the National Leadership Congress, based in the Home of the Brave corporate headquarters, at the corner of Courage and Sacrifice in Opelika and Auburn, Alabama.

In concert with his work life, Mr. Warren devotes his life to servant leadership in his research and writings. Mr. Warren is the author of the Leadership for the Soul Series. Book I of the series – My DEAR BOY, JACK – has a focus on disability and youth and how leaders emerge from having a disability and become truly great. In MY DEAR BOY, JACK the reader will learn much, and enjoy the likes of Henry Ford and FDR working with Dr. George W. Carver – but most of all, love the letters from JACK to Carver and back again from Carver to JACK.

Based upon the guidance of Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” with millions of books sold, it was suggested that this leadership series was highly needed and in this way, the series has come to life – with MY DEAR BOY, JACK leading the way. Mr. Warren’s favorite books to read and reread are focused on servant leadership.

He and his wife, Char, reside in Auburn, Alabama, and have three children and four grandchildren.





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