Emergency Management
for Government and the Public Sector

This certificate program in Emergency Management uses the convenience of online learning.
Courses are designed to meet the specialized needs of:

  • Governmental Managers and Leaders
  • Elected Officials
  • Individuals Employed by Governmental Entities
  • Individuals Employed in the Public Sector
Courses Offered

Four core courses and one elective course are required for completion of the Emergency Management Certificate Program.

The core courses required for certification are:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Resource Management
  • Unment Needs and Challenges
  • The Roles of Local Government in Recovery Processes

Courses available for elective credit include:

  • Mitigation and Planning for Local Governments
  • Managing Donations and Finances Surrounding Disaster
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection and Continuity
  • Information Technology and Disasters

A certificate in Emergency Management is earned by completing a minimum of five (5) courses. Individuals enrolled in the Emergency Management Certificate Program must complete all of the four specified core courses as well as one of the elective courses.



You can accomplish certification through completion of the program which is provided exclusively online. Emergency Management courses are designed to be accessible to professionals throughout the United States through distance learning formats. These courses are taught asynchronously, utilizing a wide assortment of reports, articles, videos, and other instructional materials, accessible without cost online.


Schedule and Registration Cost

Each course will be conducted online during a 4-week time frame and will cost $400.00 per registrant.


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