Kasahun Woldemariam


Dr. Kasahun Woldemariam is Assistant Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science at Spelman College. He is the author of Myths and Realities in the Distribution of Socioeconomic Resources and Political Power in Ethiopia (2006) and The Rise of Elective Dictatorship and the Erosion of Social Capital: Peace, Development, and Democracy in Africa ((2009). He has also written numerous articles for the Mail & Guardian and Business Week on topics such as “Selling-investor Friendly Image of Africa,” “The Real Power of Ballots,” “Bankrolling NEPAD from Home,” and “NEPAD needs NGOs to work.” Dr. Woldemariam is coordinator of the UCLA/HBCU International Engaged Social Science Mentorship Program. His areas of research and teaching interests include African politics, economics, comparative politics, public policy, human rights, and conflict resolution.



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