Gandy Thomas


Mr. Gandy Thomas was announced as Haitiís first Consul General in Atlanta by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in December of 2010. He took up office the following month and began the job of establishing Haitiís first new Consulate in the South East.

Having obtained a Master's degree in International Relations of the Diplomatic Academy Andres Bello of Chili and a Bachelor's in accounting Management at the Institute National of Management, Administration and International Studies, Mr. Thomas joined Haitiís Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991. He has served at the Embassy of Haiti in Chili as an Officer Consular from 1996-1998; at the Haitian Embassy in Cuba (where he had the responsibility for reporting on political developments and bilateral cooperation) from January 1998-December 2000; at the Embassy of Haiti in Colombia as Consul and Politic affairs from January 2001 to March 2002; at the Embassy of Haiti in Venezuela as Chargť d'Affaires from 2023-2005; Chili 2005-2008.

Prior to taking up his post as Consul General, he was based in 2008 at the Consulate of Haiti in Orlando working to establish the Consulate General in Atlanta.



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