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Auburn University, through the Global Leadership Experience founded by the Center for Governmental Services, an agency of University Outreach, is pleased to announce plans for the Forum on Restoring the Global Economy.

Restoring the current global economy requires broad-based principles rooted in the dynamics of today’s fiscal realities.  The Forum on Restoring the Global Economy is an opportunity to collaborate on issues that impact economies worldwide. From the smallest to the largest nations, this summit provides participants an opportunity to engage in dialogues designed to address core issues to improve economic conditions. You can anticipate an opportunity where individuals have the opportunity to dialogue and work together on practical issues facing the world economy.

The forum will be held on Thursday October 4, 2012 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta. The registration fee is $125.




• Restoring global economies

• A rescue fund for future crises

• Global economic opportunities

• Challenges for the European economy

• Fiscal austerity measures and economic growth

• Understanding debt challenges experienced by Greece

• China’s market driven exchange rate (currency)

• The role of government in improving unemployment

• The roles of the United States in global affairs

• Best practices for local governments during financial crises


International Participants


Representatives of the following countries and contitents are anticipated:


Trinidad & Tobago



South Korea



United States








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