H. Philip Paradice, Jr.

Phil Paradice has served as Regional Director of the US Economic Development Administration’s Atlanta Regional Office since 2007.  This eight-state region spans the Southeast from Kentucky down the Mississippi to the Gulf Coast, around Florida and on up to North Carolina.  His staff is responsible for the execution of EDA’s Mission.  They comprise one of EDA’s six regional program delivery offices. 

Since the beginning of his service with EDA in 1998 he has been recognized by receipt of the Department of Commerce’s Silver Metal Award on three occasions for his service during natural disasters and major economic dislocations. He is also the recipient of the Secretary’s Performance Excellence Award for leading a team that accomplished significant improvements in EDA’s grant application process. 

Phil’s prior experience includes service with a non-profit that represented financial service institutions, as a vice president with a Wall Street investment banking affiliate and as a supervisory liquidation specialist for the FDIC during the banking and real estate crisis. 

He is a native of Atlanta, graduate of Georgia Tech and holds an MBA from Georgia State University.


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