Arthur N. Dunning

As Vice Chancellor for International Programs and Outreach at the University of Alabama’s Systems, Dr. Arthur N. Dunning leads initiatives that have fostered international programs, socioeconomic and community development, leadership in public and outreach activities, and strengthened the base of academic and research partnerships.  Receiving his B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, M.A. in Counseling, and Ph.D. in Administration/Higher Education from the University of Alabama, Dr. Dunning has held leadership positions, been a member of, and instrumental in developing programs and organizations, serving both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Dunning has over thirty years of experience in the field of academia, public service, and outreach.  Prior to accepting his position as Vice Chancellor, Dr. Dunning serviced as the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach at the University of Georgia; notably the nation’s largest campus-based outreach program.  To be more responsive to Georgians, more efficient in service delivery, and more fully integrated in the University, Dr. Dunning and his staff adopted an initiative based approach that focused on the incorporation of both academic and outreach programs.  Those initiatives included the: Service Learning Initiative; Archway Initiative, which was a joint venture with the University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service; Academic Pre-Collegiate Initiative; Community and Economic Development Initiative; Poverty and the Economy Initiative; and Latino Initiative.
Dr. Dunning has served in several notable positions domestically, including being Senior Vice Chancellor for Human and External Resources for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and the Vice Chancellor for Services for the same board, he has also served as Chief Executive Officer, United States Department of Defense, in Bangkok, Thailand.  There, he investigated and certified information on the scope of schooling programs, teaching methods, and logistical conditions pertinent to the Continental United States education requirements, making recommendations accordingly, while formulating future planning and development programs.

Dr. Dunning is a member of a number of international initiatives, as well as many community and public service activities.  He is well known for authoring the Business and International Education Grant provided for by the U.S. Department of Education.




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