David Bransby

Dr. David Bransby is a Professor of Energy Crops and Bioenergy in the Department of Agronomy and Soils at Auburn University. He immigrated from South Africa in 1987, and is a naturalized US citizen. Dr. Bransby has 36 years of experience in agronomic research, and has spent 25 years specializing in the production and processing of energy crops, a subject in which he has an international reputation. He has over 340 technical publications, serves on the editorial boards of two international bioenergy journals (Biomass and Bioenergy, published by Elsivier, and Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, or BioFPR, published by John Wiley and Sons) and consults for several private bioenergy companies. Dr. Bransby is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Biomass R&D Initiative that is mandated by Congress to advise the Secretaries of Energy and Agriculture on research priorities in the field of bioenergy, and was invited twice by the White House to brief President Bush on the emerging cellulosic biofuels industry.


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