Kristina Scott

Kristina Scott is the executive director of Alabama Possible-Alabama Poverty Project, which works to reduce systemic poverty and its root causes. APP disrupts misperceptions, raises public awareness and engages residents to reduce poverty and its negative impacts on Alabama’s families. Through its work and activities, APP educates Alabamians about poverty, motivates higher education and faith-based institutions to engage in poverty-reduction activities, and advocates for fact-based policy decisions.

Before joining APP in August 2008, Kristina served as the Managing Attorney for External Affairs at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, where she handled policy matters including gang prevention, children’s health, and elder protection.

Kristina’s career in public service started during the 2000 presidential race, when she worked on the Gore campaign in Iowa, Illinois and California and served as the Communications Director for the California Democratic Party.  In 2001, she helped Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo become the first Latino elected to citywide office in Los Angeles in 125 years.


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