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The Center for Governmental Services is pleased to announce that Dr. Juan E. Gilbert is the 2008 Center for Governmental Services Fellow. Dr. Gilbert is the TSYS Distinguished Associate Professor for the in the Auburn University Computer Sciences and Software Engineering Department For more information, please see Dr. Gilbert's web site.

The Center for Governmental Services is proud to collaborate with the Auburn University Human Centered Computing Lab on the design, implementation, and evaluation of an innovative electronic voting system called the Prime Voting System (Prime III).

Prime III offers voters a user-friendly and completely secure method of electronic voting. The system allows voters to use a touch-screen, a microphone embedded in a headset, or a combination of these features to register selections. This allows all voters to interact with the system privately and securely. Voting integrity is enhanced by Prime III - voters can print their completed ballot card and check to ensure choices were accurately recorded.

For more information about this exciting and innovative system, please visit the Prime Voting System web site.



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