Interviews, Focus Groups & Surveys


In-Depth Interviews: We send our staff into the field for in-depth interviews with individuals at the source of information. This may include governmental representatives, administrators, or citizens depending on the project. This type of information is useful and sometimes more appropriate than a survey response. Interviews can be extremely useful when preparing for projects that affect a specific population to determine their feelings. This information is also useful when attempting to project strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a project.

Focus Groups: Expanding on the strategies employed during individual interviews, we often moderate group discussions. These focus groups can provide information that supplements any research project. We can assists you by determining who the target members of the group should include and what questions should be asked. This type of information gathering can provide hard evidence that describes a collective opinion, attitude, beliefs, or desires.

Survey Research: We can undertake complete survey projects from initial study design through data analysis and reporting. Please visit the Survey Research areas of our website for more information.


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