Statistical Analysis & Interpretation


Our team of professional statisticians are well trained in developing proposals, clarifying research questions, developing the data analysis plan, conducting both quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, writing up analyses, and explaining the findings. We are experts in SPSS software and statistical operations. If you are researcher, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • Coding of Open-ended Responses:We can develop meaningful categories for verbatim responses to interview, focus group or survey questions through standard content analytic procedures. Experienced coders evaluate the responses and code them into categories, ensuring accuracy and consistency of data.
  • Descriptive Statistics: We can describe the basic features of data, for example, the summary statistics for the scale variables and measures of the data. In a research study with large data, descriptive statistics may help us to manage the data and present it in a summary table.
  • Sophisticated Analysis: Inferential and multivariate statistical procedures such as factor analysis, discriminant analysis, analysis of variance, T-test, regression, cluster analysis, chi-square, effect size, significance testing, etc.


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