ALGTI: Legislative and Governmental Relations

December 3-4, 2013

Location: Birmingham Marriott - Marriott International

Course Description: One of the most important elements in success at the county-commission level is the ability to participate and succeed in activities related to Alabama's state government. This course will introduce county commissioners to the ins and outs of the Alabama Legislature, providing insight on how to effectively communicate in Montgomery and to produce support for initiatives that will improve county government throughout Alabama. Participants will learn the process for preparing and passing local legislation, details on steps necessary to move legislation through both the House and Senate, a typical week in the Alabama legislature, and how to enhance the relationship between your county and its local legislative delegation.

Program: December 3-4, 2013; Tuesday 10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., Wednesday 8:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

Supplies Needed: Paper and pens.

Attendance Policy: Due to the format of the ALGTI courses, a series of speakers on related topics delivered over a two day period, it is the policy of the ALGTI Board that the entire course must be taken in order to receive full credit. A commissioner who missed any portion of a course will be required to retake the course in its entirety in order to receive credit for the course; provided, however, that the ALGTI Board may approve an absence of one (1) hour or less if extenuating circumstances exist as determined by the Board.

Participation: All program attendees are encouraged to benefit fully from the course by asking questions, relating experiences and thoughts, and otherwise ensure that they understand and can apply techniques and ideas offered by the instructor.

Telephone Messages: Emergency or important telephone messages may be called in during the day to the Center for Governmental Services (334) 844-4782. The class will not be interrupted, except for emergency calls.

Classroom Regulations: Cell phones or pagers must be set on silent or discrete mode. Use of tobacco products of any kind are not permitted in the classroom or areas not designated for their use.

Meals: The registration fee includes Lunch on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. Individuals will be responsible for their evening meal arrangements.

Lodging: Individuals will be responsible for their own lodging arrangements. The Birmingham Marriott - Marriott International is holding a block of rooms for course participants.

Cancellation Policy: Provided that space is available, receipt of the registration form constitutes registration. Written cancellations, received fifteen (15) working days prior to the beginning of the program will be honored with a full refund of the registration fee. Due to commitments to instructors and meeting facilities, late cancellations or non-attendance will not be refunded. Substitutions for registered participants may be made at any time.



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