Alabama Wage, Salary and Benefits Survey

The Center for Governmental Services at Auburn University provides summary data from its annual wage, salary and benefits surveys at no charge due to the generous sponsorship from the Alabama League of Municipalities (ALM) and the Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA).

Survey Purpose:
This survey is very useful for local governments who would like to be able to compare/access data from many areas within the state in one survey. It is also useful for those governments or public agencies who want local data for their region of the state.

Areas Covered:
In FY2012-13: 112 municipalities.

Survey Details:
Data is taken from a total sample of all municipalities and counties in the State of Alabama. The latest study was conducted in Spring of 2014 for FY2012-13. Presented in the municipalities report (see link below) is data for 135 benchmark jobs. County wage and salary information is not released to the public. Each job shows averages statistics for minimum level and maximum wages; and is broken out by job area and area population. Averages are provided for all jobs.

Custom Analysis: If you would like a custom analysis of this data on a fee-for-service basis, please contact Patrick Rose us at 334-844-1914 or send him an Custom wage and salary surveys are also available.



The latest Wage, Salary and Benefits Survey for Alabama Municipalities, 2014.





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